Mini Blueberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

by Hanelore Dumitrache

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This mini blueberry cake is the perfect bite sized treat for any occasion. Perfect for one, these mini cakes are made from a light lemon sponge and filled with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and blueberry jam. Topped with fresh fruit, the cakes are guaranteed to be the star of any celebration. 

Mini cake with blueberries decorated with fresh fruit

The perfect mini blueberry cake for one

Cake is by far one of life’s greatest joys. As much as I love cakes, I don’t bake them too often simply because my family is quite small. I don’t like food waste, and there’s only so many days in a row one can have cake. During the past year, with everyone staying in their own social bubbles, baking larger cakes has been impossible. That’s why for this International Women’s Day 2021 I came up with this mini blueberry cake perfect for a small celebration. Having individual sized cakes means there’s no food waste and you can easily control the amount you make. 

This recipe yields 5 mini cakes, perfect for a small celebration – or storing in the fridge for later!

Two mini cakes on black platter

So, what are mini cakes?

Mini cakes are small, individual sized cakes typically between 2 to 6 inches (5 – 15 cm) in diameter. They can be made in any shape from a variety of sponges and filled with different typed of frostings. Mini cakes are generally made for either individual servings or to be shared with one other person. As a matter of fact, this is what makes them so attractive as special treats for smaller events or celebrations. 

Mini cake vs cupcake

So what is the difference between mini cakes and cupcakes? Well, firstly, cupcakes are small muffins with frosting or toppings on top. Mini cakes are like a regular cake – just much smaller, and with distinct layers of sponge and frosting.

Secondly, there is a difference is also in how they are baked. Cupcakes are typically baked in muffin tins with individual ramekins. Mini cakes are generally baked in a larger sheet pan, then cut into the desired shape and size using a (cookie) cutter. 

Mini cake with icing sugar dusting over it

The star flavours in this mini cake

Mini cakes can come in all shapes, sizes, flavours and fillings. I created this recipe to have a perfect balance of sweetness, sharpness and lightness. To achieve this, I used a combination of:

Light and airy pink lemon sponge

This sponge is very fragrant and tastes of amazingly fresh lemon. It has a wonderful zing to it and perfectly balances out the sweetness of the filling. The recipe can be used on any type of sheet cakes or full-sized cakes as well. 

White chocolate cream cheese frosting

Extremely light and not overly sweet, this frosting is silky smooth and an absolute joy to eat. Unlike traditional cream cheese recipes, this frosting does not require enormous quantities of sugar to make it stable. In fact, the recipe calls for no added sugar and all the sweetness comes from the white chocolate. This ensures the cake is extremely delicious, whilst not being too sweet. 

Blueberry jam

The middle of each layer is filled with rich blueberry jam, making the cake an explosion of flavours. Blueberry, with its sweet and slightly acid taste, works perfectly with the lemon sponge and delicate cream cheese. As an option, a little bit of the blueberry jam can also be added into the frosting, if you have a greater sweet tooth. The blueberries also add a lovely purple hint to the cream cheese frosting. 

Fresh fruit and edible roses

What best to top a super adorable mini cake than fresh fruit? Berries are in general incredibly aesthetic, so they make the cakes go from “Awww” to “WOW!”. Edible roses and mint leaves can also be added as an extra element of love. Feel free to spray on any edible glitter, sprinkles or other decorations. 

Section of mini cake showing interior with cream cheese frosting and blueberry jam

How to make perfect mini blueberry cakes

These mini blueberry cakes are so quick and easy to make, yet really beautiful. The entire process takes around 30 minutes from start to completion, so you can prepare these mini cakes with little notice. 

This mini blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting and blue berry jam is composed of three elements: 

  1. Lemon sponge
  2. Cream cheese frosting
  3. Blueberry jam

Making the lemon sponge

This lemon sponge is really light, airy and does not require any fancy techniques. To make the sponge, we need the following ingredients: 

  • Eggs – the ‘glue’ that binds everything together. They are also what makes the cake very light and gives it a good rise, as we will be whipping air into them. 
  • Sugar – in moderate quantities, the sugar adds sweetness to the sponge, but also helps the egg whip up. White granulated sugar will do the trick for this recipe. 
  • Oil – it is best you use a non-fragrant vegetable oil like sunflower or rapeseed. 
  • Double (heavy) cream – for best results, use a full fat version of cream. 
  • Flour – the best flour for this recipe is either plain white or better yet, cake flour. Self-rising flour can also be used, but please omit the baking powder. 
  • Baking powder – the leavening agent that makes the batter rise, making it nice and airy.  Ensure it is mixed properly in the batter to give an even rise. 
  • Lemon zest – ensure you use a very fine grater, so you don’t get large bits of lemon zest in the delicate cake. For extra flavour, you can also add 1/2 tsp of lemon extract. Pro tip: soak the lemons in warm water with 1 tbsp of vinegar to clean and remove any wax residue. 
  • Food colouring – I recommend using gel food colouring for best results, but please do remember that a little goes a long way. 
Collage of 6 images showing how to make cake batter for mini blueberry cake

The white chocolate cream cheese frosting

This is by far the most delicious and silky smooth cream cheese frosting I’ve ever made. It pipes beautifully and hold its shape really well in the right temperature. Moreover, unlike traditional cream cheese or buttercream frostings, this recipe calls for no additional sugar. All the sweetness comes directly from the white chocolate, which also helps make the frosting more stable.

First, we will start by melting the white chocolate. I always use chocolate droplets, my favourite being these ones by Callebaut. You can also use regular white chocolate, just make sure you chop it finely into small pieces.

The easiest way to do melt the chocolate is by using a microwave. I like to put in the chocolate for one initial interval of 30 seconds, then give it a good stir to start bursting the pieces. Next, I go in for another 2 intervals of 15 seconds, mixing well in between each one. Always ensure you keep a close eye on the microwave, as it can burn the chocolate.

Pro tip #1: Ensure the melted chocolate has cooled down to room temperature before using it in the frosting. If you add it too hot, it will melt the butter and the frosting will turn into a puddle. 

Pro tip #2: Use the cream cheese frosting immediately after preparing it, and do not store it in the fridge. If chilled, the frosting will turn hard and become lumpy when piped. 

Collage of 4 images showing how to make blueberry cream cheese frosting

The blueberry jam

It doesn’t really matter what type of jam you use, although I really love the combination of lemon and blueberry. My jam in this recipe is homemade, but store bough jams can be used just as well. Just ensure the jam is of a thicker consistency, so it doesn’t become too runny inside the mini cake. 

Other jams that can be used: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, cranberry etc. 

Assembling the mini cake

Now that all our components for this mini cake are ready, we can begin the fun part – putting everything together. I recommend assembling the mini cake directly on your serving plate, as moving it might be more difficult later on. 

Collage of 6 images showing how to assemble mini blueberry cake

Frequently asked questions

What type of sheet pan should I use?

The best sheet pan to use for this recipe is roughly 10 x 14 inches (25 x 35 cm) and 0.75 inches (2 cm) in height. A flat sheet pan will make it easier for you to level the batter and will help the sponge cook much quicker. The sheet pan I used is similar to this one from Wilton.

How many mini cakes does this recipe make?

The recipe yields five mini cakes, all the same size of 2.5-inch (6.5 cm) diameter. This roughly equates to the same weight a regular slice of cake would have, making the mini cake perfect for a single serving. 

If you’d like to make more cakes, simply multiply the recipe by the number of mini cakes you want to yield. For example, if you’re making 10 mini cakes, double every ingredient. I recommend baking the sponge in two separate trays, rather than using a larger tray. This way you will ensure the thickness of the sponge is perfect. 

P.s. Don’t throw away the scraps of sponge cake you have after cutting the layers. They make more excellent tea-time snacks! 

How do I store mini cakes?

These mini cakes need to be stored in the fridge, fully assembled. They can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days. To avoid the cakes absorbing any ‘fridge smell’, it’s best you store them in a large airtight container. Make sure you use a relatively deep tupperware, to avoid damaging the top of the mini cakes.

I recommend this container, as it has plenty of room.
Also, I advise you add the toppings – berries, edible flowers and mint leaves, right before serving, so they do not wither. This way the cakes will look fresh and gorgeous.

Pro tip #3: you should store the fully assembled mini cakes (without toppings). Please do not refrigerate the cream cheese frosting separately, as it will harden and become grainy in the fridge. Although it can be fixed, for best results you should pipe it on as soon as you make it. 

Close up of Mini cake with icing sugar dusting over it

My favourite songs to listen to whilst baking the mini cake

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If you’ve tried this recipe out, please don’t forget to rate and comment on this recipe. I love hearing from you, so feel free to reach out to me on social media as well and tag me in your posts!

Mini cake with blueberries decorated with fresh fruit

Mini Blueberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting and Jam

Hanelore Dumitrache
Bite size mini blueberry cake made from a delicious lemon sponge. Filled with cream cheese frosting, blueberry jam and decorated with fresh fruit.
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 12 mins
Course Cake
Cuisine International
Servings 5 mini cakes
Calories 719 kcal


Lemon Cake

  • 4 eggs (medium)
  • 100 g granulated sugar ½ cup
  • 30 g vegetable oil 2 tbsp
  • 30 g double (heavy) cream 2 tbsp
  • 150 g plain white flour 1 ¼ cups
  • 5 g baking powder 1 tsp
  • 2 g fine salt ½ tsp
  • ½ zest of ½ lemon
  • gel food colouring

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 100 g white chocolate ⅔ cups
  • 100 g unsalted butter ½ cups
  • 150 g cream cheese ⅔ cups
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste
  • 1 tbsp blueberry jam


Lemon Cake

  • Preheat the oven to 160°C (320°F) with fan. Grease a 20×30 cm (8 x 12 inch) sheet pan and line it with baking paper.
  • In a large bowl, beat the eggs and sugar on high until the mixture becomes pale in colour and triples in volume.
  • Add the oil, double (heavy) cream and lemon zest into the eggs, mixing to incorporate. At this stage you can also add any food colouring. *
  • Sift in the flour, baking powder and salt. Gently fold the dry ingredients into the wet using a spatula. Be gentle, so you don't deflate the air we whipped into the eggs.
  • Pour the batter into the lined tray and level it using a spatula. Rap the tray on the work surface a few times to remove any bubbles. Bake for 12 minutes on until a skewer comes out clean.
  • Once baked, let the cake cool for 5 minutes, then place it face down on baking paper. Peel off the bottom layer of baking paper (used to line your tray).
  • When the cake is cooled, use a 2.5-inch(6.5 cm) cookie cutter to cut out 15 circles. These will be your cake layers.

White chocolate cream cheese frosting

  •  Melt the white chocolate in the microwave. Start with 30 seconds, then give the chocolate a quick mix. Return to the microwave for a smaller interval of 15 seconds, mixing after each time. Repeat until the chocolate is fully melted, then let the chocolate cool down to room temperature before using it.
  • In a medium bowl, beat the butter and salt together using a hand mixer or stand mixer, until the butter becomes paler in colour.
  • Add the cooled melted chocolate and cream cheese over the butter mixture . Mix everything for 2-3 minutes until smooth and airy.
  • Divide the cream cheese frosting into two and add the blueberry jam to one half. Mix well to combine. If needed, add 1-2 drops of purple food colouring. Place the frosting in a piping bag fitted with a wide star (or round) nozzle.

Assembling the mini cake

  • Place one 2.5-inch (6.5 cm)circle of sponge on your plate. Pipe small dollops of cream cheese frosting on the inner perimeter or the circle, forming a ring. Add roughly 1 tsp of blueberry jam inside the circle, ensuring it doesn't go over the cream cheese ring.
  • Add a second layer of sponge ontop and repeat the process with the frosting and jam.
  • Place the top layer of sponge, then decorate the entire top with dollops of cream cheese frosting. Decorate with fresh berries, mint leaves and edible roses or flowers. Enjoy!


  • I recommend using a kitchen scale in grams for more accuracy. The cups used for the conversion are standard US customary cups (1 cup flour = 136g). There are many different types of cups across the globe, which is why I strongly recommend using grams instead. 
  • I recommend you use either powder or gel food colouring for this recipe. Liquid colouring can be used as well, but the resulting colour will not be as vibrant. 
  • If you don’t fancy the lemon sponge, leave out the lemon zest and replace with flavouring of your choosing (vanilla, chocolate etc). 
  • Having two colours cream cheese frosting is entirely optional. You can use either only plain frosting or add blueberry jam in the entire portion. 
  • Cream cheese can also be replaced with mascarpone. 
  • Blueberry jam can be substituted with other jams, preferably  berries: strawberry, raspberry etc.
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